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Our success story started in ‘87 in the heart of the fashion capital Antwerp (Belgium) with the iconic crinkled nylon bags.

Today Kipling’s well-known bags and accessories are available around the world in 436 stores in 80 countries and can be found in more than 7500 shops including the best department-stores, and


  • Every two seconds a Kipling® bag is sold somewhere in the world. 
  • The use of lightweight crinkled nylon makes Kipling® unique.
  • Today Kipling’s well-known bags and accessories are available around the world in 80 countries.



Primary Products

Handbags, Luggage, Backpacks, Accessories, Personalization, Gifts

Global Reach

Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, United States


Strategy & Innovation

Innovation Driven by Insight

 Embracing 3D Printing Technology

Taking fashion to a new scientific level, the Kipling® brand is incorporating 3-D printing technology to create its monkey bags.

Launch Video


Continuously Making Things Better


Shopping Bags That Make An Impact

All Kipling® branded shopping bags and boxes are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and contain a minimum of 30 percent recycled material.

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VF Associate Global Survey, 2015