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Q&A with Ashlee Joyner, Store Manager at 7 For All Mankind

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Q&A with Ashlee Joyner, Store Manager at 7 For All Mankind

January 28, 2016

Ashlee Joyner has a passion for retail. She joined VF as a store manager of 7 For All Mankind in Charlotte, North Carolina, about thirteen months ago.

Joyner has experience as a buyer and in management. She has even designed and sold her own clothing line for boys, named after her son.

What makes working at VF unique?

VF allows for flexibility and creativity within the store. It’s about what’s best for the business and our associates. It’s definitely not cookie cutter retail. I essentially get to run and manage my own business within the store, which enables me to use my entrepreneurial skills, hire the right store staff and create memorable events and partnerships within the community. 

Accessibility to leaders at all levels throughout the company is a thing that stands out for me about working at VF. For example, I recently had a conversation with Susan Kellogg, President of Contemporary Brands, which left me feeling empowered and excited about my role in helping to make the brand successful. 

What is a typical day in the store?

Most days start by analyzing the business from the previous day and projecting sales targets for the week ahead. Based on the customer behavior and sales trends for the store, I’ll work with my team to develop a plan and goals for the day. 

Working with our customers inside the store is what continues to inspire me. Consumers don’t often come into the store looking for an entire outfit, but my team is trained to know trends and styles to help them create a confident look. Ultimately, we are working to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers – and each other. My team in the store is like a second family.

How do you balance the retail schedule and your personal life? 

Anyone in retail can tell you, the schedule can be one of most challenging parts of the career, but I have learned balance. I design my schedule that I can stay connected to what’s going on in the store, yet I can also pick up my kids from school, have dinner with my family and attend church on Sundays. Balancing this time both in and out of the store is what energizes me to start each day fresh and inspired.