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VF’s Workwear Brands

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VF’s Workwear Brands

August 8, 2017


Workwear At a Glance

  • Revenue (2016): $800 million
  • Number of Associates: 5,650
  • Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Products: Apparel and footwear for a range of
    industries, including government,
    telecommunications, transportation, food service,
    retail and utilities
  • Customers: Fortune 100 Companies, Government
    Agencies, Public Service Agencies

For many years, VF’s Workwear brands have been part of the company’s global portfolio, but only recently has VF created a new organization focused on leveraging the workwear brand portfolio. In 2016, the brands — Wrangler Riggs®, Timberland PRO®, Red Kap®, Bulwark FR®, Horace Small® and others — represented approximately $800 million in revenue for VF. Combined they currently account for less than ten percent of the market share, but VF leaders believe that by leveraging the VF workwear brand portfolio and unique capabilities we can grow our share. 

For the second quarter of 2017, Workwear grew by 8 percent with at least 20 percent growth in three of the group’s largest brands: Timberland PRO, Bulwark and Wrangler RIGGS

“We are investing in and standing up a workwear organization to manage these brands centrally, which is something that we haven’t done in the past,” said Curt Holtz, President of VF’s Workwear, Jeanswear & Sportswear brands during VF’s Investor Day in March. “We’re doing that because we believe that there are untapped opportunities that we can capitalize on by providing a holistic head-to-toe solution.” 

Central to that approach is sharing best practices around product innovation and design and also supply chain. A few examples are mentioned below.

Utilizing our proven supply chain strengths, Red Kap, a major supplier to auto sector companies, and Bulwark, the No. 1 flame-resistant brand in the world, have achieved success partly due to an agile and responsive supply chain, which can be shared with other brands.

On the innovation front, Timberland PRO developed innovative Anti-Fatigue technology, delivering a comfort platform into the market across many industries. Similarly, Red Kap’s ZeroSkratch collection incorporates a unique design so workers can confidently work on vehicles without the risk of causing a damaging scratch.

“We believe with this combination of our size, scale, and capabilities, that we not only have an opportunity, but also an obligation to penetrate this space further,” Holtz added. “We have industry-leading knowledge and capability of both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer landscape.” 

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