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Interns Share Lessons Learned from a Summer Working at VF

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Interns Share Lessons Learned from a Summer Working at VF

September 19, 2017

This summer, VF welcomed 21 undergraduate and graduate interns as part of its annual VF Internship Program at its World Headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. For 12 weeks, interns tackled real business challenges across a variety of departments including human resources, corporate strategy, sustainability and more. They also participated in weekly leadership, skill and team-building exercises, and worked collaboratively on a project to help VF identify a mobile app for internal communications. 

Below, three of this year’s interns share their experiences at VF.

AV Jonnabhotla

AV Jonnabhotla
Technology Strategy and Process Analysis intern
MBA and Master of Information Systems student, Baylor University

“By interning with the Global Business Technology (GBT) function, I was able to dig into data, uncover hidden patterns and analysis that I then evolved into actionable insights.”

Key learning: AV gained a deeper understanding of how companies use technology to drive the business strategy, and how collaboration improves the way business functions operate.


Makayla Lester

Makayla Lester
Information Security intern
Recent graduate, University of North Carolina Greensboro

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to collaborate across teams and I’m excited to take on a full-time role with VF’s HR team as a Total Rewards Analyst and combine my technical and people skills in a new way.”

Key learning: Makayla learned the advantage of asking a variety of questions, and never saying no to opportunities that present themselves. She also witnessed the importance of not only giving, but receiving feedback, to building a high-performing team.


Zach Smith

Zach Smith
Strategy intern, Jeanswear
MBA student, Duke University

“My mentors and managers across departments fully supported my interest in business strategy and I was able to make recommendations for areas of growth and improvement for Wrangler’s supply chain.”

Key learning: Zach learned the importance of holistically understanding business and the many pieces that comprise it. With an aerial view of departments and functions, he could more efficiently see the way that solutions operationalize.

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