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Four VF Associates Named to Diversity MBA’s Top 100 Emerging & Executive Leaders List

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Four VF Associates Named to Diversity MBA’s Top 100 Emerging & Executive Leaders List

September 22, 2017

Picture from left: Shonna Brackett, Kellye Gordon, Reem Seghairoun and Reggie Miller

DiversityMBA, a national leadership organization integrating diversity and inclusion with talent management, released its 11th annual list of Top 100 under 50 emerging and executive leaders with advanced degrees. Four VF leaders were recently recognized with this distinction at an awards gala held in Oak Brook, Illinois.

This year the organization selected from a pool of more than 300 nominees who came from a broad spectrum of global organizations. Company and community leaders nominated the honorees, who were then screened and selected by DiversityMBA.

This year’s recipients from VF include Shonna Brackett, Director, Strategy, Innovation and Commercialization, Jeanswear; Kellye Gordon, Senior Director, Ethics & Compliance; Reggie Miller, Senior Director, Inclusion and Diversity; and Reem Seghairoun, Program Manager, Retail Analytic Services, VF. 

Below, Brackett, Gordon, Miller and Seghairoun talk about the importance of fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace.

“Having an inclusive and diverse workplace gives VF a unique and competitive advantage, providing an environment in which all associates can thrive, and, in turn, allows us to win in the increasingly multicultural marketplace,” said Miller.

“A diverse and inclusive environment facilitates best-in-class thought processes, through a culture of empowerment. This diversity of thought coupled with an engaged workforce offers a broader perspective that leads to competitive advantage,” said Brackett.

“Inclusion relates to being valued. Diversity equates to being connected. We all thrive when we feel a connected sense of value, and when we thrive individually, our company succeeds from our collective efforts,” said Gordon.

“Diversity makes us smarter as a company and more competitive in the global market. Globalization and technologies brought cultures and countries closer, and in order for us to understand demand and keep up with trends, we have to expand our thinking beyond the familiar,” said Seghairoun.

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