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Made for Change: VF's New Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy

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Made for Change: VF's New Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy

December 19, 2017

The following post by Steve Rendle, VF’s CEO, was published on December 11, 2017 on LinkedIn. The full text is also available below.

I’m proud to share that VF has announced our new global Sustainability & Responsibility strategy, Made for Change

Respect for people and the planet has long been a guiding principle for VF. Over the past decade, we’ve sharpened our focus and taken very deliberate actions to embed sustainability throughout all aspects of our business. With Made for Change, we’re elevating the role of sustainability. Not only will we continue to aggressively reduce our environmental and social footprint, but we will also use our sustainability platform as a powerful way to drive meaningful and lasting changes.

The strategy centers on three focus areas:

  1. We will pursue Circular Business Models such as branded rental and recommerce business strategies, and emphasize products that are designed to have a second life. This will help to reduce the amount of raw materials we take from the earth to make our products while also enabling us to create new revenue opportunities.
  2. We will use our global Scale for Good to lessen our impact on resources such as water and cotton and consistently lower our greenhouse gas emissions. Most importantly, we will continue to take actions that focus on the one million workers across our global supply chain to ensure they are working in safe factories and have access to programs that provide clean water, health and nutrition, childcare and education.
  3. VF and our brands will become Movement Makers, uniting to serve as a catalyst for global movements that help more people live active lifestyles and access sustainable and responsibly sourced products. We will support these efforts with strategic investments, targeted advocacy, philanthropic gifts and collaboration with public and private sector partners.

At VF, we believe that business success and social responsibility are interconnected. The more success we achieve in our business, the more “good” we can do for the world. 

With Made for Change as our roadmap, we will work to lead positive, lasting changes throughout VF, our industry and beyond.